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Cbtabad one was home to Osama

Even if Pakistan continued to be denied, but now started getting evidence that al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden Cbtabad near campus lived in a home.

New York Times reported two unidentified Pakistani officials as saying that bin Laden's 29-year-old Yemeni, Ahmed Abdel Fatah implementation widow told Pakistani investigators that the nearly two and a half years with his family in the village who was Chuck King Mohammed Cbtabad Highway located at distances less than two kilometers from Heripur. That means an official said bin Laden rather than tribal villages to urban areas had moved around 2003. American killed in the attack bin Laden's life before trying to learn about Pakistani officials after his wife's statement Heripur district has begun to focus on. News channels reported that security and intelligence officials gathered in the investigation to have Chuck Shah Mohammed. Bin Laden and the news Pekhtunakwa Province Heripur Cbtabad probably had spent seven and a half years.

Unidentified officials were quoted as saying that bin Laden said that his practice with children and grand children at the end of 2005 Cbtabad city campus of the Bilal went. Chuck King Mohammed Cbtabad Heripur two kilometers to 34 kilometers away and south - is located in the west.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011 14 comments

Bal Thackeray, Sharad Pawar's critique

Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray, the NCP leader Sharad Pawar Shahid rebelled and Vinod Goenka has criticized the connection. He said that the NCP chief Sharad Pawar's very "old friends" but his opportunistic politics of the 'enemy' is.

Thackeray said, "We have always sought the good of Pawar. Pawar to take care of their health and their Achic remaining credibility that is a lot of money politics while Ganwani it should not. If it tend to value our advice, they rebelled and Vinod Goenka 2G spectrum in terms of relationship with Shahid face charges do not have to. "

Thackeray, Shiv Sena mouthpiece 'face' Pawar said in the editorial are fooling people by saying that he will not be affected by allegations of corruption. Better with the introspection that rebelled and Goenka why they are being added, not the other leaders. Thackeray's response when it has come a day earlier by his son, Uddhav Thackeray, Pawar him "baby" was criticized on to say.

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Muscle relaxation on the plea of Kanemozie

A Delhi court dismissed the petition that the DMK MPs Kanemozie 2G spectrum scam in which he privately demanded to be given exemption from personal appearance.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi's daughter Kanemozie nine and appear in court May 10 to express the problem was. CBI Special Judge OP Saini 43-year-old MP, however, be given a discount of any kind refused, and instructed them to present in court on Monday.

The court Kaleangnner TV managing director and chief executive Sharad Kumar also rejected a similar petition.

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Hassan Ali was working for Akshogee

 International arms dealer Adnan Akshogee the Zurich-based UBS bank account Khulwane used by Hassan Ali Khan had helped to make her Kaladhne were white horse farm owner in Pune to mine two million to buy 85 hotels in Switzerland million CHF (Swiss Currency) had very little money. 

Dhneshodhne from ED under Act Khan and Kolkata businessman filed the chargesheet against Kashinath Hpuria Akshogee to mine under working. Khan's UBS account used to deposit money for arms traffickers were. 

The 950-page charge sheet states that Akshogee Hpuria said that the Khan was introduced in 1982 in the bank. According to her manager Reto Haertmaone Hpuria UBS revealed that Khan's account balance was actually Akshogee arms smugglers. He Akshogee it possible that the former employee of UBS and its portfolio manager Peter Vallee directed that the mine not extract more money from the account to give a certain threshold. 

Hpuria the Enforcement Directorate officials said that once the mine at the Zurich bank statement of your bank account showed the year 2005-2006. Two billion dollars were deposited in accounts at that time. Hpuria told the interrogators that Khan told him the account secret code of conduct that "Black Pinras" was. 

Peter Khan on the recommendation of valley 30 million dollars from its account be transferred to the account of Akshogee who later returned the money to the account of mine. The amount was later followed by Kaaladhne agreement Khan UBS account banned. 

According to the chargesheet, said that in India, despite Hpuria Akshogee Khan was aware of the activities. Charge sheet said that Khan's statement that his colleague Philip Anandraj Pune's real estate consultant at Swiss Chateau Gutash wanted to buy the hotel.

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Thailand made the lovers kiss the record

Thailand seven loving couples who kiss world record is unique of its kind to take. These loving couples for more than 32 hours in a row kiss your partner. Although it had been shattered tired but their lips were not called to be different.

Earlier this sort of world record 32 hours, seven minutes and 14 seconds which was built in Germany. The couples make new record in the competition in 3250 dollars and a diamond ring given reward.

Pattaya Resort's Managing Director of the Louis Tussaud Acsverkas Somaporn Naksutraong "We have the pleasure of the fact that we have a new record. The competition was held on Valentine's Day.

"But our participants as well as I'm concerned. They looked very tired. We keep ready for them medical care, such as the event will end, doctors look forward to providing them medical care.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 0 comments

Former Egyptian President Mubarak Saturday Ahusnee coma

Former Egyptian president Mubarak Ahusnee is in a coma on Saturday. According to the press appearances to Cairo on Friday to resign from his post the Happy Saturday to have gone into a coma.
Egyptian President Mubarak Ahusnee was announced on Friday, leaving the throne. He resigned from the presidency. Going on 30 years of dictatorship overthrown by mass movement of 18 days.

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Case against Bleruskaoni will start in April

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Burlskoni relations with sex workers against a minor and abuse of power case in April this year will start the trial process.

Christina de Seanasa Milan court judge ordered this. He Mukararar trial date of April 16 to get started.

Bleruskaoni's lawyers say they did not expect any thing else. Against the prime minister will hear three female judges. Bleruskaoni deny the allegations against him are.

Interestingly, with regard to sex workers in Italy is not a crime, but at 18 years old to have sex with the girl here is a crime according to law.

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Arhuan Minister Arhuan or not, the party will remain loyal: Qureshi

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, former foreign minister of the cabinet out of the Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that the Minister be or be not, but the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) will remain loyal to it.
New cabinet swearing-in ceremony last week not reaching Qureshi PPP was criticized by some top leaders. Not meet the State Department because he had reached in the event. Qureshi said in a statement that he and his party leadership personally have no complaints.

He also said that ministers do not stay loyal to the party. He said, 'I cabinet 's decision to change leadership of the party would respect. Given the interest of the country I always considered the party's decision. " According to local media with Qureshi said that the PPP will not.

Qureshi said, "I asked the PPP leadership that was why I already like the State Department, while many ministries, including Interior Minister Rehman Malik has not been a shift." Political experts say that to clarify his position for Qureshi's statement. Some party leaders had demanded disciplinary action against them and therefore raises questions about Qureshi's political future were.

Newspaper "Daily Times" According to the Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML - N) in this effort that Qureshi come with him to go again, so it will strongly in southern Punjab. Qureshi PML in the mid 1990s - Ann joined the PPP was left with.

Meanwhile, President Asif Ali Zardari, Babar Qureshi, spokesman for the disciplinary action against Farhtullah reports have made the distance. Before Afojia Wahab PPP spokesman said: "Qureshi is no future in the party. Violating party discipline and leadership to stand on the question will be strong action against them. "

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Committee for constitutional reform in Egypt, 2 officers dismissed

Egypt's caretaker government to re-write the constitution for the committee, which included a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood fundamentalist organization is.
With that in terms of action against the protesters two officers have been dismissed. The committee headed by retired Justice Tariq Al - are Bishre. The total of 8 members. The Committee re-write the Constitution in terms of political reform as well as your suggestions will.

Al - Bishre the "I" Supreme Military Council "has been chosen by. I terms of amendments to the Constitution of the Committee will preside. " Playing the role of caretaker government 'highest military council "on behalf of the Constitution states that within 10 days will be re-written then it will be submitted to public referendum.

Brotherhood of the caretaker government committee Sohie Saleh is also covered. In terms of political reform steps it is considered important. The organization further to apply to become an official political party.

According to News Channel Aljjira caretaker government affairs director of the Ministry of Home Affairs Jansurchsha Adel Ismail Al Aar Afayed and Cairo's security chief is dismissed. The accused that he protest at the situation not handled correctly. Caretaker government and the European Union before the U.S. presidential Ahusnee Mubarak 's closest aides to seal the property, but also happy to have kept silent about the property.

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Security Council reform China's ambiguous stand on the issue persisted

China, the UN Security Council permanent membership of the G-4 countries, including India for its ambiguous stance continues to support and to reach this point Amaray widespread consultation has been advocating.
Security Council, India , Brazil, Japan and Germany for permanent membership of its clear stance on the claim obviously denies the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zoushu on the issue "Amaray for the talks' emphasis on.

To a question that some Chinese experts say Beijing of Security Council permanent seat for India's claim could not resist but to support that Japan can strictly expressed objection. In response Zoushu said his country wants it among the member countries through a broad-based consultation made Amaray.

We believe that the media briefing on the issue of Security Council reform, Member States should consult widely democracy, which should look into the concerns of all parties and most broad based Amaray should try to reach .

Zoushu said, "China always remain in contact with all parties and will act to ensure that it does help to improve the common interests of all member countries." United Nations Security Council permanent members China refused to make clear that the Security Council's new structure will support India and Japan's permanent membership or not.

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Full cooperation with Indian authorities to relief: Malik

Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik accused Pakistan of having an undeclared foreign currency singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has asked the Indian to full cooperation with investigators.

Pakistani High Commissioner Shahid Malik Malik in New Delhi via the message is Pehunchaaya to relief. Home Ministry has said in a statement.

Pakistani Interior Minister P Chidambaram called his Indian counterpart to discuss the case. The release of relief when Malik thanked Chidambaram.

Last Days Economic Intelligence Directorate (DRI), the relief of $ 1.24 million in U.S. currency to keep the charge held. Relief did not declare it. DRI seized the passport of relief as well as he has asked to appear again on February 17.

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Waited for a good film: Chitrangada Singh

Sudhir Mishra's film, this sister-in-life comeback were then Chitrangada Singh 's conversation with the associate copy editor Narendra Saini some key excerpts

The sister-in-life in your role?
I love the name of a girl who plays'm in love with Irfan and his love for the blind can do anything. film is Intense but entertaining too. It is very Strong Attitude is the film's own style. We are in the same way it has been shown.

Song you sang? It has also come to hear the Song also offers you the item was.
As songs are just two lines Gunagunai, nothing more. Item Song had offers but the song was so strange, so I declined.

Such a gap to the movies, it is not lack of Professional Attitude?
Yes, absolutely right. Things suddenly came in front of me. I was not ready for them. Meet people, to Secretary and was much ... much Peenafhul. Therefore thought to have a little time, to think what to do.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 0 comments

In August after a gap on the big screen seems Big B can

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan after a gap on the big screen this August Prakash Jha's much-awaited film ' Reservation 'will come in the eye.
Amitabh wrote on the Twitter micro Blaging website, "Many people are asking me when my next movie coming? And a half years I have not signed a single film. Now in August, "reservation" can be displayed. "

He said, "I then until March 'Buddha' is planned for the continuous shooting. I'm making it older. It will take some time to appear. "

Big B to the tweets, "followed by September-October will begin shooting in the Kaun Banega Crorepati. Rakesh Mehra, Rajkumar Santoshi and Balqui film will take time. "

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Freida Pinto are special to everyone

Freida Pinto every writer these days - the director's particular choice remains. Before he worked with Woody Allen, Julian Snebell again and again with Tarsema Singh. And now 26-year-old Pinto Thomas Hardy novel Tess of the D'Oa 'Uarberwilless fresh Indian version of Michael Winterbottom's tragic Tess are going to play.
Desire to name the film in India will start from March. Winterbottom film A Mighty Heart in India before the shooting said.

We can only hope that his novel in the film hate filled violence against women get to see, because of his film, The Killer Inside Me the audience here to became a bitter experience.

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'Joker' will offer the item number Sonakshaie

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora Khan's 'Munni was bad .. " and the superstar Katrina Kaif 's 'Sheila's youth .. " After climbing Jubaan new people - wed Sonakshaie Sinha, director Shirish Kunder also noted the film 'Joker' in the item number offers will be seen.

Shirish said that the film has an item number. Sonakshaie and another great performer along with it will. Other actor's name has not yet decided. I believe the best source of marketing these days is the item number.

Shirish acting under the direction of 'clown' 3 - D format coming in Hindi movie full of adventure. Akshay Kumar, Sonakshaie, Shreyas Hlpre and Minissha Lamba in the lead role in the film will.

Box office success 'domineering' journey to the beginning of his film The Sonakshaie 'Joker' Farah Khan's dance - directed Tumce show will apply.

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