Hassan Ali was working for Akshogee

 International arms dealer Adnan Akshogee the Zurich-based UBS bank account Khulwane used by Hassan Ali Khan had helped to make her Kaladhne were white horse farm owner in Pune to mine two million to buy 85 hotels in Switzerland million CHF (Swiss Currency) had very little money. 

Dhneshodhne from ED under Act Khan and Kolkata businessman filed the chargesheet against Kashinath Hpuria Akshogee to mine under working. Khan's UBS account used to deposit money for arms traffickers were. 

The 950-page charge sheet states that Akshogee Hpuria said that the Khan was introduced in 1982 in the bank. According to her manager Reto Haertmaone Hpuria UBS revealed that Khan's account balance was actually Akshogee arms smugglers. He Akshogee it possible that the former employee of UBS and its portfolio manager Peter Vallee directed that the mine not extract more money from the account to give a certain threshold. 

Hpuria the Enforcement Directorate officials said that once the mine at the Zurich bank statement of your bank account showed the year 2005-2006. Two billion dollars were deposited in accounts at that time. Hpuria told the interrogators that Khan told him the account secret code of conduct that "Black Pinras" was. 

Peter Khan on the recommendation of valley 30 million dollars from its account be transferred to the account of Akshogee who later returned the money to the account of mine. The amount was later followed by Kaaladhne agreement Khan UBS account banned. 

According to the chargesheet, said that in India, despite Hpuria Akshogee Khan was aware of the activities. Charge sheet said that Khan's statement that his colleague Philip Anandraj Pune's real estate consultant at Swiss Chateau Gutash wanted to buy the hotel.

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