Will you just simply 'Khan Bahadur' to!

Bahadur Khan, the company saw a great presentation immature Dhobi Ghat - the viewer who would not even put to innocence. And that if Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan's wife in the relationship do not belong, maybe tradition moves to fight Amir and directors.
That's why it seems interesting that their deli Bailey, director of upcoming film has Katty innovative Dev. If so, the directors of controversies with Aamir Fehariast has added one more name.

Well, from Lagaan and Taare Zameen Par to live Pepalie list that is how Aamir and Tne of directors.

Some Amol Gupte (Taare Zameen Par) is showing the way as before, the Anusha Rizvi (Pepalie Live) said after the film's release - is heard. Kiran Rao is lucky a ha?

Hey, Dhobi Ghat with the unit are told that Aamir later took over the command himself. Wife, so also gave credit also made promotion. Ie, making history, but theft - theft.

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