When Dimple Akshay taught to play Sudoku

Akshay Kumar even 'Khatron Ke Khiladi', but nowadays they are Sudoku players have become. Dimple Kapadia when his mother taught him to play Sudoku that are enjoying it plenty.

Akshay's new film in London 'Patiala House "during the shooting of playing Sudoku and intensity of relationships between renewable and his mother came.

Akshay said: "During the shooting, he taught me to play Sudoku, I loved this game, we watched several videos on YouTube together. I took him and his son theme park. We made plenty of fun. " "It is mixed very easily with my mother in law said.
Actually I'm his wife Twinkle over Ghulamila from her mother, my mother and me are great similarities. She plays my mother in the film as a great experience for me to play. " The interesting thing is that Akshay Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia Bollywood's famous film Srrisy couple's son's roles are.

Akshay says that such devotion to an acknowledged work of artists is to see I'm stunned.

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