Waited for a good film: Chitrangada Singh

Sudhir Mishra's film, this sister-in-life comeback were then Chitrangada Singh 's conversation with the associate copy editor Narendra Saini some key excerpts

The sister-in-life in your role?
I love the name of a girl who plays'm in love with Irfan and his love for the blind can do anything. film is Intense but entertaining too. It is very Strong Attitude is the film's own style. We are in the same way it has been shown.

Song you sang? It has also come to hear the Song also offers you the item was.
As songs are just two lines Gunagunai, nothing more. Item Song had offers but the song was so strange, so I declined.

Such a gap to the movies, it is not lack of Professional Attitude?
Yes, absolutely right. Things suddenly came in front of me. I was not ready for them. Meet people, to Secretary and was much ... much Peenafhul. Therefore thought to have a little time, to think what to do.

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