Thailand made the lovers kiss the record

Thailand seven loving couples who kiss world record is unique of its kind to take. These loving couples for more than 32 hours in a row kiss your partner. Although it had been shattered tired but their lips were not called to be different.

Earlier this sort of world record 32 hours, seven minutes and 14 seconds which was built in Germany. The couples make new record in the competition in 3250 dollars and a diamond ring given reward.

Pattaya Resort's Managing Director of the Louis Tussaud Acsverkas Somaporn Naksutraong "We have the pleasure of the fact that we have a new record. The competition was held on Valentine's Day.

"But our participants as well as I'm concerned. They looked very tired. We keep ready for them medical care, such as the event will end, doctors look forward to providing them medical care.

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