Security Council reform China's ambiguous stand on the issue persisted

China, the UN Security Council permanent membership of the G-4 countries, including India for its ambiguous stance continues to support and to reach this point Amaray widespread consultation has been advocating.
Security Council, India , Brazil, Japan and Germany for permanent membership of its clear stance on the claim obviously denies the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zoushu on the issue "Amaray for the talks' emphasis on.

To a question that some Chinese experts say Beijing of Security Council permanent seat for India's claim could not resist but to support that Japan can strictly expressed objection. In response Zoushu said his country wants it among the member countries through a broad-based consultation made Amaray.

We believe that the media briefing on the issue of Security Council reform, Member States should consult widely democracy, which should look into the concerns of all parties and most broad based Amaray should try to reach .

Zoushu said, "China always remain in contact with all parties and will act to ensure that it does help to improve the common interests of all member countries." United Nations Security Council permanent members China refused to make clear that the Security Council's new structure will support India and Japan's permanent membership or not.

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