Committee for constitutional reform in Egypt, 2 officers dismissed

Egypt's caretaker government to re-write the constitution for the committee, which included a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood fundamentalist organization is.
With that in terms of action against the protesters two officers have been dismissed. The committee headed by retired Justice Tariq Al - are Bishre. The total of 8 members. The Committee re-write the Constitution in terms of political reform as well as your suggestions will.

Al - Bishre the "I" Supreme Military Council "has been chosen by. I terms of amendments to the Constitution of the Committee will preside. " Playing the role of caretaker government 'highest military council "on behalf of the Constitution states that within 10 days will be re-written then it will be submitted to public referendum.

Brotherhood of the caretaker government committee Sohie Saleh is also covered. In terms of political reform steps it is considered important. The organization further to apply to become an official political party.

According to News Channel Aljjira caretaker government affairs director of the Ministry of Home Affairs Jansurchsha Adel Ismail Al Aar Afayed and Cairo's security chief is dismissed. The accused that he protest at the situation not handled correctly. Caretaker government and the European Union before the U.S. presidential Ahusnee Mubarak 's closest aides to seal the property, but also happy to have kept silent about the property.

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