Be F-16 flying the world's first actor Shahid

Country's largest air show is going to start today. The air show in Bangalore starting modern aircraft flight around the world will pay. In this show special is that actor Shahid Kapur is the F-16 aircraft Udane.

Ayzo spectacular sight in the sky will see the power of the Aero India 2011 air show in Bangalore. Yelahaanka Air Force Base near Bangalore on Wednesday triggered by the Asia's largest show in which 29 countries Cyzar fighter plane, helicopter transport plane and the modern people will win.

This time the air show Tayafun Eurofighter, Sweden's Gripen, the French Deasalt Arefel, Boeing F-16 Super Lawkaahid Martin F-18 Viper and the world's most advanced fighter planes like the Super Ahornet'll have to see.

Indian Air Force helicopter Sanrg Suryakiran Arobetika team than India and this time its supersonic Light Combat Aircraft Light Combat Helicopter will perform. In 93 countries around the show as a buyer and will include as partners.

The show is a special thing that the film will become first actor Shahid Dunia such that in real life F-16 fighter plane flying Vipers IN SUPER chance. Shahid on February 11 in Bangalore to take part in the show where he Udaange the aircraft.

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