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After Sonam, actor Anil Kapoor's younger daughter Rhea Kapoor (left) has entered Bollywood. And, like Sonam, she minces no words while addressing controversies. Rumours have been doing the rounds that Rhea, who's produced Sonam-starrer Aisha, had creative differences with director Rajshree Ojha.

Rhea rubbishes the claim, saying, "There is no rift between us... Do people want me to sit in her lap or something? We have a professional relationship... we are not best of friends. I can't be as close to her as I'm to Sonam because we're sisters.

"Actress Sonam Kapoor was recently quoted as saying that "Bollywood was never a man's world", a remark that came just a day after her dad said he was happy his daughters had made it big in a man's world. Was she trying to contradict her father? "If I kept a track of all interviews my father gives, I'd faint in one corner.

I personally feel that women generate more curiosity. Between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jolie is more photographed and written about." Grapevine has it that the actress is dating Karan Boolani, the associate director of Aisha.

The two were also spotted together at the special screening of I Hate Luv Storys. Ask her about it and Rhea snaps back, "Who are you dating?" The 23-year-old admits it was difficult becoming a producer at 21.

"Dad was treating this one as a special film. He asked me to produce it and I said okay, thinking he'd be there to guide and me. But, he went abroad for his work, so I had to do everything. I was the youngest person on the set," she says. About her father, she says, "My father is very spaced out. He hangs out with some of my friends. Working with Sonam was great, too."

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