“I Don’t Wax My Chest”: Sonu Niigaam

This is the age of the metrosexual man. The likes of Salman Khan, Shah Rukh have led the way for the new younger lot. Apparently, a new breed of stars has emerged who wax their legs, chest, but sport a beard. Like Kunal Kapoor, Abhishek, even Hrithik Roshan is sporting a beard for his film Guzaarish. Well, ace singer Sonu Niggaam, a heartthrob himself, has always made different style statement.

Presently, Niigaam is sporting a Jesus-like look, and what appears to be, a clean shaven chest. Niigaam made an appearance at the press conference of ‘Chhote Ustaad – Do Deshon Ki Ek Awaaz’. While he was mainly asked questions on his the show, an over zealous audience (presumably a Sonu fan) unflinchingly asked the singer whether he waxes his chest? “No, I don’t wax my chest. I simply don’t have any hair growth. I have long hair and a thick growth in my in my legs. You want I can show you that”, said Niigaam as everyone burst into laughter.

Niggam attributed his good health to yoga and spirituality. Yoga is also good for boosting hormones. Well, we can see the effect in Niigaam’s long hair, but we wonder whether pranayam failed to have its effect on his chest.

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