Shahid Kapoor turns bright boy to sullen boy

You grown as you grow. But it seems a certain little kid by the name of Sunny Singh in Paathshala is witnessing some realities of B-town modify before he's reached the age to modify decipher actual facts from the realistic ones. Apparently, to give more credence to Shahid Kapoor in the film, Sunny's pivotal character has been sidelined. Hence, most of his scenes are chopped off to accommodate more of Shahid! Well...the boy's already learnt the ropes of the industry!

Sunny was always important in the script, Shahid was meant to be doing a cameo. Ahmed Khan is Shahid's best friend. Now suddenly Shahid thinks or rather so says a trade source that Paathshaala has scope of becoming something same Taare Zameen Par. Also the film has to be marketed as a Shahid Kapoor flick (how module it work otherwise!). So it is alleged that today a major part of Sunny's role has been left on the redaction table. Poor boy! Guess it's not so sunny in the industry for this Sunny.

But who would center to a little kid? So what does the Sunny boy do? Well...he's overturned into a sulky boy now.

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