Salman Khan's looking for family planning

Salman is always hunting out for his family members. After starring in his brother Arbaaz Khan’s production Dabang, Salman module next be working on brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri’s Sanskrit version of the Malayalam super impact Bodyguard.

The buzz in the trade is that Boney had bought the rights of Bodyguard and desired Prabhudebva (who directed the runaway impact Wanted not too long ago) to direct the Sanskrit version, but Salman asked him to hand over the rights to Atul Agnihotri. Siddique, who had directed the original in Malayalam, module also direct the Sanskrit version.

A source revealed, “Boney did not waffle to give up remaking Bodyguard. He loves Salman too such and considers the actor’s wish as his command.”

Boney admitted that he initially desired to remake Bodyguard in Sanskrit but he is not upset. He said, “It’s fine if Atul module attain it with Siddique. Salman was stabbing that Atul should attain it and I hit no issues whatsoever. I hit not done anything great. I was simply on the verge of buying the rights of Bodyguard. Salman is family to me. I love fulfilling all his wishes and module always continue to do so.”

Atul confirmed that he is making the Sanskrit version of Bodyguard with Salman. “I am quickly going to terminate the heroine and most of the things module be in place by end of next week. However, I am not aware that Boney too was interested in making the same film. Salman is very happy that I am producing it. Siddique module direct the film,” said Atul.

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