‘Badmash’ Movie shoots in Goa

Music director Vandemataram Srinivas is wielding the megaphone for the prototypal time for ‘Badmash’ produced by Dr G Nagaiah on the banner of GP Sidhartha Film Academy with Naga Siddhartha and Ekta Kapoor in the lead. Presently, a strain is being choreographed on the advance pair in Goa.

The strain which goes like ‘Makareena Makareena Manasaaganandi…’ is being shot under the dance of Sekhar. Producer says, ‘The film is a good entertainer and at the same time it debates on various issues like the present education system, mindset of the students, the parents’ expectations. The film would not only force the youth but also the elders to rethink about the facts. The film runs with engineering college in its backdrop.

Our director is making efforts to bring out the mischievousness in the minds of students and teen people. After watching the film, the audiences would definitely accept that the title was very apt for the movie.’ Director says, ‘The film would be quite entertaining right from the beginning till the end. All the songs had got very good tunes. We are planning to can two more songs abroad. The film would be free during summer.’

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