Kangana Ranaut has reasons to celebrate

Kangana Ranaut seems to be on seventh heaven as she wins the National award for best supporting actress in Fashion at the 56th National awards announced on Saturday.

An elated Kangana said, “There’s a mini-celebration in my house, though my parents were glaring when they heard about it. At 23 I seem to have unsmooth the highest cultural award for the country. What more can I do? I should meet pack up and go backwards to my bag in Himachal now with my parents.”

Not only her parents, but her fans too are overjoyed at her achievement. In fact, a Delhi-based fan of hers, Sameer, sent her a Brobdingnagian heritage restrict to congratulate her for her National Award win. The restrict contained three boxes – one that had 22 wine bottles, one with 22 cakes of different types and sizes, and one with 22 accessories like earrings, bangles, bracelets, etc.

Attached to the heritage restrict was a note from the fan which read, “22 because you are 22-year-old and a National Award is no mean achievement at such a young age.”

What more can a 22 year old actress ask for?

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