Salman Khan saves a life

While shooting an action sequence for director Anil Sharma’s film Veer in Rajasthan, Salman Khan lived up to the name of his character in the film and saved the life of a junior actor.


It was a train robbery sequence in which Salman and a bunch of men were supposed to ride horses at a very fast pace next to a speeding train. Salman was precariously balanced between two horses, with a leg each of the horses ridden by junior actors Bunny and Vicky.

The shoot was in progress and the horses were loping at full pace when Bunny lost his balance on the horse he was riding and was about to fall to the ground, to be crushed under the hooves of the horses approaching from behind. But Salman Khan, showing an alertness of mind, immediately lunged forwards and grabbed Bunny by the collar.

Had Salman hesitated even for a moment, the unthinkable would have happened.

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