Wake Up Sid Review

Every one time in a as come a film that plants you with a smile on your features when you leave the cinema. In today's period when there is forever a set type for Hindi films, its either action, family drama, romance, comedy (rather mindless comedy) or an merger of all a.k.a 'bollywood masala' films.

A release from all these was the newly released Wake Up Sid, that all youngster in India and for that stuff wherever in the world might speak about to. The movie revolves approximately the life of a confused boy looking for an aim. The bright interpretation of generation gap, mother-son affection and the role of a father in transforming his son from a boy to a man is moving.

The lighthearted comedy, realistic setting of the film, along with well-built performances by Anupam Kher and Konkana Sen deepens the original significance of the film.

However, a agreeably amazing feature is that this is a Karan Johar productions’ film. It is superb to see him step out of his type yet again and widen out of his usual 'family drama' themes. After Dostana this is his second trivial comedy with a subtle yet deep message.

Foremost credit for the film also goes to Ayaan Mukherjee, for his dazzling direction and fresh advance to film making. The film questions the intentions and ideologies of today's 'spoilt' generation and then, roughly beautifully, answers that question.

Among quite a lot of options comes so much confusion. Today as the world is rising at the speed of light there are forever a few of us who want time to form out just accurately what part we can play in the world. This idea has been estimated simply yet powerfully in the film and has then successful in making a contact on the audience.

The practical and memorable performances of Ranbir Kapoor and Rahul Khanna create this movie that much more credible and we rate this film as a must watch! 

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