Saif’s girl fans only for his size-zero girlfriend Kareena!

Of course he’s a superstar here, still it seems all that people want to know from Saif Ali Khan is about his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. As the couple is awaiting the release of their next release together ‘Kurbaan’, Saif has revealed a funny experience he had with his crazy girl fans.

Saif says, “These days crazy girls come running towards my car. But they don’t shout ‘Saifoo! Saifoo!’ They’re instead asking me: Who’s your girlfriend’s dietician? It’s funny!”

But the actor, who’s also quite addicted to power-yoga and right eating, doesn’t mind that at all. “I prefer it that way,” he says. He also revealed that he hasn’t had too many crazy experiences of letters written in blood and all that.

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