Nida Mahmood gives sari a unique twist

Net, georgettes and chiffon saris draped on jeans - this is what talented designer Nida Mahmood showcased at the ongoing Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week(WIFW) here Tuesday.

"The idea of wearing saris over jeans is my interpretation of wearing a sari in a trendy manner. This is a trend that youngsters can follow for any casual party. It looks very good, especially if you are carrying the outfit with right accessories and look," Mahmood told IANS after the show.

The show also had a Bollywood feel - instead of music, dialogues from hits like "Don", "Sholay" and "Zanjeer" were used as background score.

"Dialogues are the essence of any Bollywood movie and without them a movie is expressionless. People in India have lived with these dialogues, they are etched in the memories of people for ever," said Mahmood.

The stage was also designed differently for Mahmood's show - bottles were lined up on the side of the ramp with a big trunk and two chairs. Images from "Sholay" and "Don" were placed to give it a Bollywood feel.

The show was very young and contemporary and boasted for Mahmood's signature style. She likes to take inspiration from mundane things and present them in a very chic way.

"That is my style of working. You can give me anything and I will transform it into something very special and different. Everything that you see around can be moulded in a different manner, provided you have an eye for it," maintained Nida.

"The designs are taken from the poster art of yesteryears but in a modern and original fashion. I want that all of us should look back into our glorious past and take inspiration from there and interpret it in our own way," explained Mahmood.

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