Salman Khan costs a waiter his job

Salman Khan's big heart and big charitable organization Being Human seems to be a mock-up when we heard what the actor did to a poor waiter at a suburban restaurant. He got the waiter fired from the restaurant!
Onlookers of the incident said that the waiter unintentionally dropped sauce on Sallu's expensive designer shoes when the actor was at the hotel last Sunday. And quite obviously Salman threw a fit. The waiter was pleading on his knees to forgive him but Salman was in no mood to let this affair die down. He summoned the manager and created a huge scene. Wasn't the shoe washable, Sallu?

Salman went hysterical after some time and threatened the manager to close down the restaurant for a day. With no other way out, the Hotel authorities had to annul the waiter's services to avoid Sallu induced bandh on their hotel. We think to run an organization called Being Human, you need to be humane first, isn't so Sallu?

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