Marriage rumours affecting my career, rues Rani

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji says that rumours about her getting married have started affecting her career.

"These rumours have been going on for three years and they have started now affecting my career. Lot of filmmakers who approach me for roles start by asking whether I am getting married. They have apprehensions whether I can commit myself to their project," Rani told reporters.

The numero uno actress termed as "most laughable" the rumour which said that she had left her posh Juhu bungalow because it had brought her ill luck and had moved back to her old flat at Andheri.

"I have made the new house for my family from my hard work, sweat and blood. My house is my temple and how can I run away from it. I am being made to look like an insecure person which I am not," she said.

The actress said the baseless stories about her are getting stretched too much.

"I cant get married to one man for the last three years or to different men," she said about her alleged link ups including the rumour about her marriage to filmmaker Aditya Chopra.

"I am the only daughter of my parents. When I get married, it will be announced publicly and will take place with pomp," Rani said referring to the story that she has secretly married to Chopra.

The actress said instead of wasting time of clarifying bizarre rumours, she would rather concentrate on her films, work hard and make her fans happy.
Rani admitted that she was the odd person out where PR forms a major part of her profession.

"It is shortcoming that I have as I don`t like to talk about my daily life. The media has taken advantage of my silence and communicated to my fans very wrongly," she said.

Rani said three years ago when the rumours about her marriage started, her father had to come on television to clarify.

"No father should be put through such misery. Despite clarifications, the rumours have continued. You have to believe what I am saying. But, if you still continue spreading stories about me, I cant stop you," Rani said.

She said she has never felt the need to have a PR or a secretary to interact with the media on a daily basis. "I believe my work will speak for me," she said.

Rani said `Dil Bole Haddipa` came to her at the right time when she got a feedback that she was crying too much on screen doing serious roles. She said her last release `Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic` unfortunately did not do well.

Rani said applying glue on her face to stick the beard was the most tedious task. "Men in unit when I became a guy forgot that I am Rani when I was in the getup of Veer, the cricket loving Sikh boy," she recalled.

Rani said she had not taken a break from movies. "I started working on `Haddipa` immediately after my last release.

"I can do two three films at a time if there are great roles. I don`t want to prove anything to my detractors that I work only in Yash Raj films. If Yash Raj offers me challenging roles, I will take up those projects," she said.

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