If I don’t marry soon, my child will call me dadaji, says Salman

Fabled for his eternal lover boy ways that have earned him the title of Bollywood’s original heartbreaker kid, Salman Khan is a worried man these days. The commitment phobic actor fears that in case he doesn’t marry soon, his kids will call him grandfather!

While talking to a news daily on his much talked about marriage plans, the macho actor said, “When I have a child and if it`s not anytime soon like for the next 5 or 6 years, may be I`d regret that at some point in time... Arrey yaar , my child will be calling me dadaji . I can`t play with him, I can`t run with him. So that is one thing that shayad I might regret and am sure then also I`ll be running and playing around... Giving him a run for his money.”

The actor minced no words and stated that he has never been India’s most eligible bachelor as, “I don`t think the girls who have been in my life have ever thought of me as the most eligible bachelor. I think that once they found that I was not, they dipped out.”

Talking about friendship, many few people know that when it comes to friendship, Salman is a magnanimous soul who swears by his friends and professes, “They stood by me, I stood by them — it’s no big deal. That`s what friends are there for. May be its just my personality or may because of my father. He stood by his family, by his friends so its there in our genes.”

When prodded whether he will get married in Rajasthan’s Umaid Palace, an amused Salman said, “You never know” and continued, “It worked for my father, it worked for my brothers and for my sister and am sure it is going to work for me. There are times when you get married at an early age to a girl you love or for excitement. Later on, comes an age when you want to get married to a person who`ll be like the most amazing mother you know, who`ll take care of your children.”

The actor generously accepts the fact that he has never been a perfect boyfriend as, “I am slightly naughty that way and I have issues.”

Speaking on controversies, when enquired whether he spilled coke on Somi Ali’s head and was violent against Aishwarya; talking about the Somi Ali incident Salman said, “I think I was actually angry so chalak gaya and it became a big thing at that point of time.” And while speaking about Aishwarya, a cautious Salman said, “If I hit a woman, she wouldn`t have survived. It`s not true that I hit a woman.”

Known for his possessive nature when it comes to his girlfriend Katrina, a concerned Salman has strictly told Katrina not to wear mini skirts in her flicks and explained, “I have no double standards. The fact that I have said that, I have got no double standards it means I have got no double standards. Men are allowed to do these things, women can`t work without their shirts, not as yet. You are not living alone, you know you are living in a society. Comments start coming in. I can`t take cheap comments on women.”

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