Salman Khan becomes a Dabbawala

The Independence Day Special of 10 Ka Dum is truly very special– it is for the people, by the people and with the real avaam of India. Celebrity contestants bring in the glamour quotient, but it is the common man and women who bring in the spirit of life and nobody enjoys it more than Salman Khan.

This week along with the vibrant Meenatai meet Deepak Pangare, a bright young man who is proud of his profession– he is a dabbawala. To support him came along a whole lot of his ilk from the 5000 strong Dabbawala Association… Presenting Salman with the trademark Nehru cap he said- “This is the pride of every dabbawala– in fact, it is the cover for the computerized brain under it!” he said to thunderous applause. “We work with clock-work precision and have a record of never being late. In fact, I ride my bicycle as fast as an auto!” he said with pride. “But be careful,” advised Salman– “these auto-drivers have a way of cutting lanes sharply without warning!”

Of course who knows better than Salman– he has enough experience on the roads when he rides the bicycle and the auto rickshaw too!

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