Kareena planning Swiss love nest to ensure privacy with Saif

Mumbai: Well, Kareena Kapoor seems to be in her dream world these days, and it obviously has a lot to do with Saif! The actress is reportedly planning to buy a house in Switzerland by the end of this year, because she thinks that it’s hard for her and beau Saifu to find privacy in Mumbai.

Kareena says, “By the year-end, I hope I can buy my own house in Switzerland. We find it hard to go out clubbing or even for dinner because there is hardly any place that is truly private.’’

Bebo reveals that even when she and Saif are not shooting and want to spend time together, they are bound to stay indoors and watch TV. “It’s getting kind of claustrophobic,’’ she explains.

And now, Kareena is giving a serious thought to her Swiss home dream, and is apparently making sure that she earns those extra bucks for the same. When asked as to how she will manage flying across continents to cope with work and pleasure, Kareena says, “If Johnny Depp can stay in Paris and work in Los Angeles, then surely I can stay in Switzerland for three months a year and work in Mumbai or wherever it is that I am required to be.’’

Well, we are not too sure Switzerland love nest could help Saif and Kareena hide away from the famous paparazzi!

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