Asin new best friends are Sridevi's daughters

Sridevi and her two daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi, are Asin’s new best friends. “Yes, at last I’ve made close friends in Mumbai. You’ve to see how close I am to Sridevi and her daughters. I spend almost all my nonworking hours with them,” says Asin.

This is no ordinary friendship and Sridevi, her daughters and Asin are constantly together. “Jhanvi and Khushi are in my house all the time. The four of us get along like a house on fire. Sridevi is on the first floor and I’m on the sixth floor. We are always in each other’s homes. We go out to restaurants and movies. We just saw Harry Potter together,” says Asin. “She has completely taken me under her wing. Anything I need, I just have to ask her. Since she too started her career very young and is from the South, we share a very special bond. She was first a child artiste and I started playing the lead when I was only 14 years old. She has made it clear she’s there for anything I need. She’s a wonderful friend and neighbour,” Asin adds.

Apart from Sridevi and daughters, Asin loves all the kids in her building. She says, “They’re all in and out of my home constantly. They bring in their friends, class mates and cousins from Ludhiana, Bhatinda, Rae Bareli and I don’t mind it at all. I enjoy it. I get along fabulously with kids and old people. The minute I’m off at 6pm, they’re all in my house. I haven’t had a chance to do it up yet. But I do have a favourite corner in my new home, my balcony. I like to be by myself in that corner.“ No one apart from Sridevi from the film industry has visited Asin’s home yet. Asin says, “They’re most welcome to visit anytime but I’m not having a housewarming party. I’m not the party type at all. Tabu lives on the third floor but I haven’t even seen her yet. Never run into her in the lift. But one of these days, I intend to change that. I really want to meet Tabu. But it’s so lovely to have Sridevi as my neighbour. Nope, lets not call her my neighbour, she’s my family now. She pampers me to the core. Anything I want to eat she gets it made for me in a jiffy.” As for her parents, Asin says, “They’re just five minutes away and visit whenever possible.”

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