Aamir's 110 ka Dum

Nah, it isn’t a follow-up to Salman Khan’s not-so-sensible game show. That’s exactly the number his newest blockbuster has grossed in only five days! That’s right Aamir Khan’s Ghajini has proved the year’s biggest hit and has gone down in history as the highest grosser, and all that in just five days at the box office. Naturally, the feat called for a celebration. Aamir and his team including Asin, Jiah Khan (they didn’t leave her out of this one), the film’s director A Murugadoss and its producer got together for a cake cutting session.

The cake was colossal, so was the ‘110’ that stood atop it. The actors were all smiles as they posed arm in arm and fed each other pieces of the delicious looking slab of chocolate and cream. Aamir seemed to be wary of the ingredients. After only a bite, he politely declined anymore. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all, neither were those eight pack abs! Asin and Jiah hugged like long lost friends, putting to rest all rumours of a cold war. The actor, after posing with his leading ladies, went over for a chat with our reporter. The lad had gone to the event as ‘Sanjay Singhania’- his character from the film. And Aamir did his best to seem impressed. We also ambushed Asin and Jiah for a quick conversation. But it was Jiah as usual who walked away with yet another controversy. We asked the Londoner who among her co-stars Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan was the best. “As far as Mr Bachchan and Aamir are concerned, I’d say Aamir,” she replied. Watch what Aamir had to say about that.

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