28 new releases in 40 days

Like the old proverb- “too many cooks spoil the broth”, in Kollywood “too many releases every month has ruined Tamil films”!

In the month of July there have been 21 new releases, on an average of five releases a week! Says Noted Kollywood trade analyst: “Even during the boom time of the 60’s and 70’s, there has never been so many releases in a month and that too in Aadi Masam. Too many releases a week are bad for the industry.”

There is total confusion as people cannot differentiate between titles of films. For example on July 31, Malai Malai releases and a week later on August 7, Azhagar Malai too released, creating doubts in the minds of people, on which Malai to watch!

Vadivel comedy track according to distributors was the “only saving grace ofVedigundu Murugesan”, but two weeks later the same audiences are told Vadivel “comedy track in Azhagar Malai is even better”

A spokesperson for Chengalpet Distributors Association: “Please note that out of these 21 releases in July only five could complete one week full run with a minimum two shows per day! Most of these releases are made by first time producers who will not even cover the cost of print and publicity!”

And on August 7, five more releases hit the screen, and as per trade sources out of 28 releases in 40 days, not even one is profitable!

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